Thursday, 14 February 2008

RGS-IBG SCGRG sessions 2008

Planned sessions for RGS-IBG 2008

Migration and Everyday Matters: Sociality and Materiality - Madeleine Dobson and Elaine Ho(Geography, RHUL). This session will focus on the micro-scale actions and experiences that matter in producing the daily social lives and identities of migrants. Co-sponsorship with the population geography research group.

Where species meet and mingle: remaking and tracing biogeographies - Gail Davies (Geography,UCL); Jamie Lorimer (OUCE). The session seeks to contribute to conceptual developments around geophilosophy, cosmopolitan natures and companion animals, as well as present high quality empirical research on the sites and zones where species meet, for example, in relation to biosecurity, nature conservation, biotechnology and chimeras. Proposed co-sponsorship with BRG, RGRG and HPGRG.

Photographs Matter - Jacob Bull, University of Exeter; Andrew Church, Geography, Brighton. This session looks to revisit stills photography to critically engage with images as a mechanism for understanding what matters in the world. Co-sponsorship Geography of Leisure and Tourism Group and the PyGyWG.

Geographies of social enterprise - Dr Mordechai (Muki) Haklay (UCL) Sarah-Anne Muñoz (University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute). Exploring the geographies and social theoretical perspectives on social enterprise. Co-sponsorship with GIS research group.

Matters of Interdisciplinarity: Archaeology meets Geography – Divya P. Tolia-Kelly (Durham, Geography), Rob Witcher (Durham Archaeology),Richard Hingley (Durham Archaeology). This session aims to bring together current interdisciplinary research which bridges the disciplines of Archaeology and Geography. Co-sponsorship HGRG.

Non-Representational Geographies - Ben Anderson(Durham), JD Dewsbury (University of Bristol),Paul Harrison (University of Durham), Derek McCormack (University of Oxford), and John Wylie(University of Exeter). A session focusing on postgraduate research on non-representational geographies. Co-sponsorship HPGRG.

The promise and problematic of Technology:(Re)thinking bodies, spaces and times - James Ashand Sam Kinsley, University of Bristol. This paper session offers a forum for critical discussion and theorisation of technology. Co-sponsorship HPGRG.

Event Space Ben Anderson - J.D. Dewsbury, Derek McCormack. Theories of the event are becoming increasingly important and visible within the social sciences and humanities. At the same time, different kinds of events are becoming the focus of a range of political techniques and technologies. This session provides a forum within which geographers and others can think through some of the complexities and potentials of this concept. Co-sponsorship PolGRG.

Fit cities: bodies, movement, and practices of fitness and sport in the contemporary city Dr Alan Latham, Geography, UCL; Clare Herrick, Geography, King's College London. This group of sessions aims to start new conversations on a topic at once highly prescient and, at the same time, neglected by geographers: the place of fitness and sport in the contemporary city Co-sponsorship UGRG.