Saturday, 10 October 2009

New SCGRG website

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Introducing the new SCGRG website

Thanks to Phil for this final message and, of course, for all his work with the SCGRG over the last three years. I’m delighted, and daunted, to follow his enthusiastic lead as chair for the next three years. It is great to be taking the helm with the group’s membership and finances in such a healthy shape, and with the support of a large and vibrant committee. Continuing to build a sense of both identity and inclusion is always a challenge with a large group, but given our depth and breadth I look forward to sustaining and building on the diversity of group activities.

A first step in this has been to develop a new website, pulling news, reports, links and more together in one place. I hope this will let everyone know more about what we do, and what we can do. It is still under development, and we welcome your feedback on this, and the other ways in which we are representing your interests. You can post comments on the web, get in touch with me, or send a note to committee members. We look forward to hearing from you via our new site at

all the best,


Friday, 4 September 2009


This will be my last post here (give or take) as I've now stepped down after my three years as Chair of the Group and am delighted that Gail Davis will be succeeding me. She'll be posting here in due course and will report on the AGM and the future plans for the group.

Anyway, I think the last three years have been good - some successful initiatives including reading weekends, conferences, workshops and of course many RGS (and AAG) sessions. We've had some good discussions about relations of social and cultural geography, and although at times the group has threatened to splinter (too big for its own good, perhaps?), it remains a vital and vibrant group and by far the largest human geography research group of the RGS-IBG.

I very much look forward to continue supporting the group and attending future SCGRG events, and wish my successor, Gail, all the best


Phil Hubbard

Friday, 21 August 2009

RGS-IBG Social and Cultural Geography Research Group AGM 2009

Thursday August 27th August 2009, 13.10

Room 1.218 University Place, University of Manchester


1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes August 2008 – Matters arising
3. Treasurer’s Report – Louise Holt
4. Website update – plans for hosting and redesign
5. Nominations for Chair and Secretary
6. Committee Membership (N.B. Majority of committee should be composed of RGS members)
- Thanks to Ben Anderson, Kezia Barker, Amanda Claremont, Russell Hitchings, Elaine Ho, Peter Hopkins, Jamie Lorimer, Emma Roe for their committee work over the last 3 years
- Continuing: Louise Holt (Treasurer), Jo Norcup (Schools co-ordinator), Harriet Hawkins (currently web co-ordinator), David Crouch.
- Re-election: Emma Roe, Ben Anderson
- Open posts: Membership secretary, Postgraduate co-ordinator.
7. Record of research group supported activities Sept 2008-2009
- Reinvigorating Social Geography: the politics and praxis of Social and Cultural Geography in the UK, Brighton, January 2009, Darren Smith, Kath Browne and David Bissell
- 3rd Materialities Workshop, Material Geographies: interdisciplinary perspectives, Exeter March 2009, Ian Cook and John Wylie
- Visuality/Materiality: Reviewing Theory, Method and Practice, Co-sponsored by SCGRG, Royal Institute for British Architects, London, 9th-11th July, 2009, Gillian Rose and Divya Tolia-Kelly
8. Development of outline form for funding requests (see Appendix 1)
- aim to increase transparency for support offered and criteria for funding
9. Proposed research group activities Sept 2009-2010
- Geographies of Education, Loughborough, 8-9th September 2009, Phil Hubbard
10. Proposed RGS-IBG session ideas
- Attracting high profile distinctive SCGRG sessions alongside co-sponsorship?
11. Future dates
- Research Groups Sub-Committee meeting – 5th October 2009
- Deadline for Research Group Grants – 31st October 2009
- Annual report – final submission date 31st January 2010
12. Any other business
- Drinks reception in memory of Duncan Fuller, 8-9pm, Grove Village Community Centre, 17 Guide Post Rd, Ardwick, M13 9HP
13. Next meeting, RGS-IBG, London August 2010

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The SCGRG AGM will be held on Thursday the 27th August at 13.10 in room 1.218 University Place, at The University of Manchester main campus on Oxford Road. All members are welcome to attend.

After three years in post, both Phil Hubbard (Chair) and Gail Davies (Secretary) will be stepping down at this AGM, as will a number of committee members. The RGS requires that nominations for named posts should be in writing and include the names of the proposer and seconder. Nominations for Chair and Secretary can be accepted up to the beginning of the AGM. Nominations for committee members do not need to be made in writing. Please get in touch with either myself or Phil if you would like to discuss any of these posts further.

We would encourage anyone who is considering applying to the SCGRG for money to support seminars/reading meetings or other events for 2009/2010 to prepare a short case prior for circulation to committee prior to the AGM. As a group we aim to support 3-4 events per year, so we will not generally offer support over £500 per application, and request that applications for over £250 to be submitted in time for discussion at the summer AGM. We are open to suggestions for funding of events that forward the broad aims of the SCGRG as defined in our mission statement which is online at: . All things being equal we would look to support events that benefit the greatest number of people in the group and/or widen access for new researchers.

A full agenda will be circulated shortly. If you have items that you would like added to the agenda, please let either Gail or Phil know as soon as possible.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Engaging geography 6-7th July

Engaging geography
ii. creative public geographies

All public geographies are, of course, ‘creative’. This event will examine how, in recent years, an increasing number of geographers and artists, poets, filmmakers, and other creative professionals etc. have worked collaboratively, broadening the remit of research and its outputs beyond the traditional texts and spaces of university education. In addition, geographers, artists, filmmakers, etc. are often one in the same person, and artists, filmmakers, etc. seem more and more interested in drawing upon geographical themes and vocabularies in their work. This event will explore the collaborative potentials, working practices, forms and spaces of engagement, and publics generated through recent academic/creative work on, for example, climate change, GM foods, animal geographies, ethical/sustainable consumption and postcolonial curating through a variety of project work underpinned by academic/creative collaborations.

We would like to encourage the involvement of anyone involved in, and/or interested in, this kind of work. Please check back for further details and/or let us know about any work that can be added to the numerous, diverse examples of Creative public geographies we have been able to put together here.

Date: Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th July 2009.
Venue: University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9EZ (directions here)
Application form (including optional campus accomodation): download here.
Registration costs: £0 (for travel / accommodation bursaries, see the application form)
Places: limited.
Convenors: Kathryn Yusoff & Ian Cook (Geography, University of Exeter)
Monday 6th July

9.00 – 9.30: Registration and refreshments.

9.30 – 9.45: Creative public geographies: introduction
(Kathryn Yusoff & Ian Cook).

9.45 – 11.00: Politics and aesthetics 1: talks/provocations
(other speakers to be confirmed: please check back for details)
- Hayden Lorimer (Geography, Glasgow University)

11.00 – 12.30: Politics and aesthetics 2: responses/discussion

12.30 – 1.30: Lunch

1.30 – 3.30: Studio 1: examples and stories.
(short prepared interventions about CPGs organised in advance via the application process)

3.3.0 – 4.00: Refreshments

4.00-5.30: Walk and talk.
(Participants talk to interesting strangers and report back on their conversations)

6.30- Dinner / continuing conversations.
Tuesday 7th July.

9.00-9.30: Refreshments

9.30-11.30: Making creative public geographies happen.
(Speakers representing funders and other supporters to be confirmed)

12.00-1.00: Studio 2: future creative public geographies?
(Shorter, hastily prepared interventions resulting from discussions at the event)

1.00 - Lunch and/or leaving…

Monday, 11 May 2009

DRAFT Annual Conference Programme Now Online

Note SCGRG has 10 different sessions spread across three days. Early Bird Registration by 5 June.

View programme here