Monday, 8 June 2009

Engaging geography 6-7th July

Engaging geography
ii. creative public geographies

All public geographies are, of course, ‘creative’. This event will examine how, in recent years, an increasing number of geographers and artists, poets, filmmakers, and other creative professionals etc. have worked collaboratively, broadening the remit of research and its outputs beyond the traditional texts and spaces of university education. In addition, geographers, artists, filmmakers, etc. are often one in the same person, and artists, filmmakers, etc. seem more and more interested in drawing upon geographical themes and vocabularies in their work. This event will explore the collaborative potentials, working practices, forms and spaces of engagement, and publics generated through recent academic/creative work on, for example, climate change, GM foods, animal geographies, ethical/sustainable consumption and postcolonial curating through a variety of project work underpinned by academic/creative collaborations.

We would like to encourage the involvement of anyone involved in, and/or interested in, this kind of work. Please check back for further details and/or let us know about any work that can be added to the numerous, diverse examples of Creative public geographies we have been able to put together here.

Date: Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th July 2009.
Venue: University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9EZ (directions here)
Application form (including optional campus accomodation): download here.
Registration costs: £0 (for travel / accommodation bursaries, see the application form)
Places: limited.
Convenors: Kathryn Yusoff & Ian Cook (Geography, University of Exeter)
Monday 6th July

9.00 – 9.30: Registration and refreshments.

9.30 – 9.45: Creative public geographies: introduction
(Kathryn Yusoff & Ian Cook).

9.45 – 11.00: Politics and aesthetics 1: talks/provocations
(other speakers to be confirmed: please check back for details)
- Hayden Lorimer (Geography, Glasgow University)

11.00 – 12.30: Politics and aesthetics 2: responses/discussion

12.30 – 1.30: Lunch

1.30 – 3.30: Studio 1: examples and stories.
(short prepared interventions about CPGs organised in advance via the application process)

3.3.0 – 4.00: Refreshments

4.00-5.30: Walk and talk.
(Participants talk to interesting strangers and report back on their conversations)

6.30- Dinner / continuing conversations.
Tuesday 7th July.

9.00-9.30: Refreshments

9.30-11.30: Making creative public geographies happen.
(Speakers representing funders and other supporters to be confirmed)

12.00-1.00: Studio 2: future creative public geographies?
(Shorter, hastily prepared interventions resulting from discussions at the event)

1.00 - Lunch and/or leaving…

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