Friday, 21 August 2009

RGS-IBG Social and Cultural Geography Research Group AGM 2009

Thursday August 27th August 2009, 13.10

Room 1.218 University Place, University of Manchester


1. Apologies for Absence
2. Minutes August 2008 – Matters arising
3. Treasurer’s Report – Louise Holt
4. Website update – plans for hosting and redesign
5. Nominations for Chair and Secretary
6. Committee Membership (N.B. Majority of committee should be composed of RGS members)
- Thanks to Ben Anderson, Kezia Barker, Amanda Claremont, Russell Hitchings, Elaine Ho, Peter Hopkins, Jamie Lorimer, Emma Roe for their committee work over the last 3 years
- Continuing: Louise Holt (Treasurer), Jo Norcup (Schools co-ordinator), Harriet Hawkins (currently web co-ordinator), David Crouch.
- Re-election: Emma Roe, Ben Anderson
- Open posts: Membership secretary, Postgraduate co-ordinator.
7. Record of research group supported activities Sept 2008-2009
- Reinvigorating Social Geography: the politics and praxis of Social and Cultural Geography in the UK, Brighton, January 2009, Darren Smith, Kath Browne and David Bissell
- 3rd Materialities Workshop, Material Geographies: interdisciplinary perspectives, Exeter March 2009, Ian Cook and John Wylie
- Visuality/Materiality: Reviewing Theory, Method and Practice, Co-sponsored by SCGRG, Royal Institute for British Architects, London, 9th-11th July, 2009, Gillian Rose and Divya Tolia-Kelly
8. Development of outline form for funding requests (see Appendix 1)
- aim to increase transparency for support offered and criteria for funding
9. Proposed research group activities Sept 2009-2010
- Geographies of Education, Loughborough, 8-9th September 2009, Phil Hubbard
10. Proposed RGS-IBG session ideas
- Attracting high profile distinctive SCGRG sessions alongside co-sponsorship?
11. Future dates
- Research Groups Sub-Committee meeting – 5th October 2009
- Deadline for Research Group Grants – 31st October 2009
- Annual report – final submission date 31st January 2010
12. Any other business
- Drinks reception in memory of Duncan Fuller, 8-9pm, Grove Village Community Centre, 17 Guide Post Rd, Ardwick, M13 9HP
13. Next meeting, RGS-IBG, London August 2010