Friday, 4 September 2009


This will be my last post here (give or take) as I've now stepped down after my three years as Chair of the Group and am delighted that Gail Davis will be succeeding me. She'll be posting here in due course and will report on the AGM and the future plans for the group.

Anyway, I think the last three years have been good - some successful initiatives including reading weekends, conferences, workshops and of course many RGS (and AAG) sessions. We've had some good discussions about relations of social and cultural geography, and although at times the group has threatened to splinter (too big for its own good, perhaps?), it remains a vital and vibrant group and by far the largest human geography research group of the RGS-IBG.

I very much look forward to continue supporting the group and attending future SCGRG events, and wish my successor, Gail, all the best


Phil Hubbard

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