Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Social and Cultural Geography Research Group (RGS-IBG) Reading Weekend

23-25th May 2008, Hebden Bridge

We would like to invite you to a reading weekend hosted by the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group (RGS-IBG) from 23-25th May 2008 (Fri-Sun). The event will take place in Hebden House, located in Hebden Bridge (Yorkshire). Set in stunning countryside, the retreat will provide an opportunity for participants to explore sub-disciplinary themes and concerns in an informal atmosphere.

During the weekend, we will address the following themes:

* Denis Cosgrove (1948-2008) has had a tremendous influence on the evolution of cultural geography. We will consider his contributions and the way new research trajectories are emerging in cultural geography, including recent geographical attention to both art and nature/culture.
* It has been suggested that a new mobilities paradigm is emerging within the social sciences (Sheller and Urry, 2006). We will critically examine this proposition with reference to social and cultural geography research on forms of human mobilities, and on science and technology. We will further develop our discussions through a walking activity in the surrounding countryside landscape.
* We will also address the provocative question of 'where is the "social" in social and cultural geography after the cultural turn?' through selected readings. Our discussions will consider recent empirical, theoretical and methodological inquiries on social difference, the human/non-human ‘Other’ and socio-spatial justice – engaging particularly with interventions championing hybridity, post-identity, anti-foundationalist and/or relationality perspectives.

This reading weekend will allow participants to situate their research agendas in broader debates within social and cultural geography, possibly encounter 'accidental' intellectual discoveries, socialise with researchers from other institutions, and share personal enthusiasms and frustrations about being a social and cultural geographer.

Estimated costs for weekend accommodation, food and activities would be £106 (inc. VAT) per participant. A number of postgraduate subsidies are available for those without other means of funding. The deadline for registration is 30 April 2008. Please contact Kezia Barker (k.m.barker@soton.ac.uk) or Elaine Ho (elaine.ho@rhul.ac.uk) for booking and further information.

Please circulate this announcement widely. Thank you.

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