Monday, 1 December 2008

CFP RGS 2009 (1) Art and geographic knowledge

Are you critic, collaborator, creator, curator? Does your research in some way develop a relationship between geography and art? This session aims to explore the scope, methods and potential of art as a form of geographical knowledge. Papers are invited which address the what, why and how of this relationship. In other words what sorts of geographical knowledge can and have art forms participated in the making of? What potential do geographers find in art and creative practices? And how – by what mechanisms and methods – does art become part of geographical knowledge making?
It may be that your artistic and creative practices, or those which you study, are understood as performative of identities, or of ways of being in and relating to particular landscapes, peoples, places and the environment. It could be that you find in artistic practice an alternative mode of geographical knowledge making, offering access to sensory experiences of landscapes, people or places. Or maybe artistic modes of research and dissemination practices provide more creative modes of geographical scholarship or even more public, or political geographies. In short what value for the geographer and the artist can be drawn from the consideration and collaboration of art and geography? Your focus may be contemporary or historical practice and it is certainly not restricted to visual art. Formats may include but are not restricted to: papers, videos, performance works, sound works.


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